[Note: Apologies for the lack of Game 59 post. Got home late, have been ill, let it be known the game was phenomenal.]

It is no secret that the Columbus Blue Jackets are not fond of the month of December. After closing up November’s schedule, the Union blue were 14-8 and earning 63.6% of the points available to them (28 of 44).

Over the next six weeks – they would go 6-12-3, earning only 15 of a possible 42 points – or 35.7%.

Since the ‘Money on the Board’ movement and the monumental weekend over Detroit, the Jackets have gone 10-3-3. 23 of a possibly 32 points, or 71.8%. If you deduct the six week slide from the overall numbers, they’ve earned 55 of a possible 76, which is a .671 win percentage.

So, go out on a limb here, and suppose the slide had not happened and they had maintained the .671 over the course of the entire season.

0.671 x 59 games played thus far = 39.5 wins, or 79.2 points.

Where does that put them? Well, look at the standings.

It speaks for itself.

Buckle up, Jackets fans. The trade deadline is looming, Howson’s admitted to being a buyer, and the Blue Jackets are flourishing. This ain’t even close to over.