Fan Fest is tomorrow – all deets are here – and look at all of those great things going on at once! But how are you supposed to keep track of who is going to be where, and when? You need your jersey signed by the new guys and a picture of Mason with his Claim to Fame Trophy, but how can you make sense of this schedule? Naturally, the answer to this problem is… a spreadsheet! Fangirl-in-chief, here, did all of the grunt work, so enjoy. And don’t blame me when Jeff Carter’s Sharpie runs out of ink because you got there at 6:51. And don’t forget, 8:15 for the on-ice skills competition!

Yellow boxes: Autographs
Smushed up blueberry color: Q&A sessions
Blue: Hockey-related (pass/shoot, street hockey, etc)
Orange: Photos
Green: Video Games

With training camp just one (!!!) short week away, and players already taking to the Nationwide Arena ice for informal practices, and there now being not one but two (!!!) Russells around, your fangirl-in-chief here decided it would be a good idea to step up to the plate and make a study guide in case you’re faced with the awkward situation of a Russell without the benefit of a nameplate, and don’t want to be that guy. Without further ado, we present, “Know Your Russell.”

September 7, 2011

“Heaven is a better place today because of this, but the world is just not the same.”
 The Tragically Hip, “Heaven is a Better Place Today”

Vitaly Anikeyenko
Yury Bakhvalov
Aleksandr Belyayev
Mikhail Balandin
Aleksandr Vasyunov
Josef Vasicek
Aleksandr Vyukhin
Robert Dietrich
Pavol Demitra
Andrei Zimin
Marat Kalimulin
Aleksandr Karpovtsev
Aleksandr Kalyanin
Andrei Kiryukhin
Nikita Klyukin
Igor Korolyov
Nikolai Krivonosov
Yevgeny Kunnov
Vyacheslav Kuznetsov
Stefan Liv
Jan Marek
Brad McCrimmon
Sergey Ostapchuk
Vladimir Piskunov
Karel Rachunek
Evgeny Sidorov
Karlis Skrastins
Ruslan Saley
Pavel Snurnitsyn
Daniil Sobchenko
Ivan Tkachenko
Pavel Trakhanov
Igor Urychev
Gennady Churilov
Maksim Shuvalov
Artyom Yarchuk

Andrey Solontsev
Igor Zhevelov
Sergei Zhuravlev
Vladimir Matyushkin
Yelena Sarmatova
Nadezhda Maksumova
Yelena Shavina

Alexander Sizov
Alexander Galimov