We’re not dead yet! Sure, it’s been a good… few weeks since anything of substance has made it’s way onto our page here (blame school & real life & bad hockey), but the gears are turning and the ideas are starting to flow again!

With the announcement this morning that our beloved team will be the host of the 2013 NHL All Star game, I’ve got some great ideas in mind and this is where I need YOUR help! Please give me your story! Either how you became a fan, that first magical moment where you fell in love with the team, or your absolute favorite memory in team history. Short or long, I want to hear them all! Please don’t hold back! Don’t leave them in the comments here – please email them to dannie[at]strait-jackets.net. And don’t forget to let me know how you want to be attributed – real name, Twitter handle, etc. Thanks, guys!

Go Jackets!