Did you miss us? I missed us. Two weeks into the season and I’ve been waffling over this all along. Who should be the Boyfriend of the Week? It took me so long to decide I needed two weeks. Realizing the Blue Jackets are a 2-5-1 team, there haven’t been a lot of fireworks to get excited about. Which is exactly why you’re not going to believe who I’ve picked this week…

JARED BOLL, come on down.

Wait, what? Jared Boll? Really? That guy I accept every opportunity to insert into jokes as the punchline? Yes, that guy. That guy who has somehow played five seasons in Columbus without ever making an AHL appearance? Yup, that one.

I’m not sure what Boller did with himself since last April (I do know it included a trip to Finland and an appearance in the CAHL), but this guy has been unbelievable. For the first time since his rookie year – back when I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play (ask my cat where he got his name from) – he’s actually, dare I say, filling his role appropriately? He’s starting fights. He’s winning fights. He’s pumping up his teammates and not throwing down just for the sake of throwing down. Or maybe he is, but I’m enjoying it more than I ever have. He’s leading the NHL in fighting majors and one of those was against Nashville captain Shea Weber, whose five minute absence is golden.

Jared Boll’s never going to score meaningful goals, but he does beat up Jordin Tootoo, and for that reason, Jared Boll, we love you.

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