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Let’s talk about that win over Chicago.

First of all, let’s reiterate, it was a win over Chicago. Those always feel good, even if the teams are in a virtual tie this season and it wasn’t last year’s Stanley Cup monster. Patrick Sharp scored two goals, giving him seven for the year against the Union Blue. And the Blackhawks still lost. This is so very satisfying.

Even Anton Stralman scored a goal! Wait, what? That promised “offensive defenseman” who threatened arbitration because he thought he was worth so much money and has gone on to score exactly zero goals this season and has instead been a defensive liability? Oh yes, him! He finally scored a goal! The game-winning goal, to be specific. So props to him, at least for that.

For the 2,312,857th time: how good is Matt Calvert? Oh-so-very good. Can he be cloned? The kid has hustle and determination, and he doesn’t really care if you want to take a piggyback ride on him through two zones, he’s going to go ahead and score on your goalie anyway.

And props to Kris Russell, who saved Steve Mason‘s rear end big time tonight by whisking away what could have been a game-crushing goal for Chicago.

Instead of studs and duds, let’s just go ahead and give everybody a group butt-pat and enjoy the taste of those lovely two points. Sit the playoff discussion aside for an evening, stop the scoreboard watching, let’s just enjoy the way this team is playing right now. It feels good.

In case you missed it: Rookie John Moore played in Chicago as Marc Methot was out with an injury … Derek Dorsett was IRed to make room for him, but Moore was reassigned after the game … Derek Brassard is currently on the IR with a hand injury … Ethan Moreau (remember him?) was reactivated and played last night … the Jackets set a franchise record with their sixth straight road victory and have points in their last eight road games (courtesy of the Dispatch).

Where we stand: 29-23-6 (64 points), -4 8th place Anaheim
What’s next: Tuesday vs Nashville, 7pm, huge four-pointer

5 Thoughts on “Game 58: Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

  1. Lynn Pounian on February 19, 2011 at 5:18 pm said:

    As good as it was for you, it was bad for me!

    So, here’s what I want to know. Why the hell is your team named to honor Civil War – and logo too. Couldn’t take my eyes off the jerseys last night. So odd! (not meant disrespectfully, just… it IS a little unusual…)

  2. You don’t like the jerseys? I love them! (Minus the numbers, they seem out of place on the vintage look.)

    Ohio was apparently an important military spot in the Civil War – a lot of Civil War generals from Ohio became prominent politicians. I think because of it’s proximity to KY/the south.

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  4. Matt W. on February 20, 2011 at 7:17 am said:

    In addition to being the home of several generals (William Tecumseh Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant, etx), Ohio was the state with the most volunteers – and it was Grant, at the head of the Army of the Ohio, that put paid to Lee starting from the battle of the Wilderness all the way to Appomattox.

  5. Lynn Pounian on February 24, 2011 at 9:19 pm said:

    Thanks for explanation. I love that! Nice to see a team named for something a bit more meaningful than Disney movies…

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