Blue Jackets @ Capitals

Jackets Lineup (Starters in Bold):
Umberger – Brassard – Voracek
Calvert – Vermette – Kubalik
Upshall – Pahlsson – Dorsett
Mayorov – MacKenzie – Boll

Stralman – Hejda
Tyutin – Methot
Lepisto – Russell

First Period:

  • Big stop by Mason early on. Hopefully he’s on tonight.
  • Just kidding, 1:39 in, Carlson pops it past Mason in a wide open net.
  • OMG, 5 minutes in and I already want to tear my hair out. I hate you so hard, Versus.
  • Fix your shit, Verizon Center.
  • Stralman is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He paid me to use those exclamation marks.)
  • They cannot say Lepisto for anything. Lopistow? Lah-p’sto? LEH-PIS-TO!
  • I just saw #33 and had a moment of “OMG FREDDY MODIN CAME BACK” terror.
  • I didn’t hear it, but supposedly they said Kubalik was called up from the Springfield Indians. Let’s do the time warp again.
  • Erskine vs. Boll … poor life choices, JBoll. It better fire up the team at least. Well, he didn’t completely get crushed.
  • “Chimera did not stay onside.” … raise your hand if you know that feeling.
  • Stralman played D!
  • Hoo boy, Caps almost had a good chance in the last 0:30, but they swept it aside…
  • End of 1: Caps 1, CBJ 0. Shots were 15-4 in favor of Washington.
  • FABULOUS mockery of the Jackets in the Intermission Report. Keep it classy, Versus staff.

Second Period

  • Stralman got absolutely walked around, luckily Kubalik jumped back to cover D.
  • Jackets are off on their timing. Nice little setup but the pass was a second off.
  • The Jackets don’t look BAD, but they don’t look great. They’re alright in their own zone… so far this period, anyway. It’s in the Wash zone that they’re just not getting much done.
  • Ooh, big play, Dorsett to Upshall about 8:30 in, but Neuvirth was all over the shot and the rebound. First big chance in a while.
  • Upshall again tearing up the ice, not much comes of it this time but he’s got his wheels going.
  • GOAL! Calvert somehow snuck the puck out front to a Vermette who came up on the back end of the hub bub to knock it in. Love, love, love those little down and dirty goals.
  • And that quickly it’s 2-1, Jackets left all sorts of open space and once again it bites them. But the Jackets are pressuring hard right now, they’re flying all over the place.
  • SCORE! Fedor Tyutin! From aaaaall the way at the top of the circle, Tyutin rips one (see what I did there?) top shelf.
  • 3-2 Washington … seriously. 0:13 apart. Jackets forgot to show up next shift.
  • 3-2, end of the second. Upshall looked GREAT that period.
  • Kubalik and Calvert each have two assists – the first two points of Kubalik’s career in his debut tonight.
  • Shots after two: 27-15 in favor of Washington.
  • I didn’t know we got Ron Hainsey back!

Third Period

  • The Jackets are looking better… but I have nothing to say about it… really.
  • Goal! 3-3! Scottie Upshall again – 22nd of the year – he’s having a great game tonight. Deadly little shot from the circle to beat Neuvirth.
  • This period is so good I’m actually paying attention and have much less to make fun of! :\
  • As time expires on regulation, Dorsett damn near got a lucky skip into the goal but no dice.


  • In case you didn’t hear it the first sixty-five times, Rick Nash isn’t playing tonight.
  • Russell and Kubalik almost come together for a goal.
  • Jason “Shimera” taps it in for a Caps victory … Mason was WAY outside the net and there was no coverage. But hey, isn’t that how they all end up going in for the Jackets?
  • But since Chimera was a Jacket when Hainsey was, and Chimera scored, the Jackets won this game three years ago!!!!
  • Shots ended up 33-23 in favor of Washington. Upshall/Umberger with 4 each.

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