Live Blog: CBJ @ ANA, 3/8/2010

- Hip, hip, hooray! “@tomba19: #CBJ Kristian Huselius (hand) has been scratched for tonight’s game”
- “Rick Nash has struggled since coming back from the Olympics.” Hey, maybe if he practiced. And actually played when he showed up.
- “Indoors here at the Staples Center.” Yeah, because we thought this might be an outdoor venue in SoCal.
- Rick Nash is slow. Not that this is news, but Russ was a good 10′ behind him and beat him to the net.
- First shot of the game credited to Vermette.
- Well, shit. Hey Fedor Tyutin play DEFENSE?! Perhaps?!
- Our offense is a clusterfuck tonight.
- I will say it again, Fedor Tyutin? DEFENSE?!
- I did not say Fedor Tyutin take a penalty.
- Whoa, nice shorthanded flurry there, too bad Vermette lost control of it.
- Stralman on PK makes me want to regurgitate my tasty dinner. I hope I saw that incorrectly.
- Nope, I didn’t see that wrong. :(
- Pahlsson is 3/3 in the faceoff circle tonight, with 8:17 to go in the first.
- Davidge just Miami-dropped! 12:10 into the game. Zatkoff, not Boyle.
- Good push by Jake.
- Um, Drew Doughboy, don’t eat the puck. 2-0 LA.
- For fuck’s sake, boys, stay out of the box!
- …fail. 3-0.
- LOL. 4-0. Yep. Thanks for nothing, Mason.
- Garon in, 4:41 to go in the first.
- First period stats: 3 shots on goal (3 missed, 3 blocked); Blunden had 4 hits before his penalty (team hits: 14); Vermette is 3 of 10 in the dot, Pahlsson 3 of 4.
- 5-0, and I’m putting the liveblog to bed. And myself.

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  1. I wanted to throw a twinkie at the TV when they showed Ricky… fat ass, get off your but and SKATE!

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