LIVEBLOG: 11/23 @ NJ

First Period:
- Starters: A. Vermette-S. Pahlsson-D. Dorsett; M. Methot- J. Wisniewski; C. Sanford
- Scratches: A. Johnson, D. Brassard, S. Mason
- Breaking glass, already. The game hasn’t even started.
- There are not words for my dislike of the fourth line of Bass-MacKenzie-Boll. Useless, talentless waste of roster space.
- On the other hand, I do really like the Umberger-Letestu-Johansen line, and I really do not want to see Kristian Huselius take a dump on it.
- Jackets to the PP at 5:12. Spent too much time chasing the puck around their own zone to start. FSO says the Devils have the #1 PK, so this isn’t really conducive to anything good happening. Love the effort on the loose puck in the paint. Damn that Brodeur.
- Not even midway through the first, Johansen has 3 SOG.
- Dorse gets dumped onto the bench. Kind of hilarious. Dorse disagrees.
- Jackets to the PK. Little hot potato, but Sanford comes through with the agility.
- NICE one on one hipcheck by Marc Methot to throw the Devil out of the path of the goal.
- What a boring first period. Devils lead 11-9 in shots.

Second Period:
- Auuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhh! Vinny with a huge move and he couldn’t get it across to Nash, poked away by Brodeur.
- Devils score and there is a pile of puppies Blue Jackets in front of the crease.  1-0, Devils. Sloppy defending by The Russians.
-  Jackets to the PP as a mildly scary looking Devil goes off for boarding JBoll.
- Primo SH chance by NJ. What is going on, boys? Get it together. As I say that, Carter nearly misses on a laser.
- Zzzzzz…
- Dorse with a decent rush on Brodeur but it goes nowhere. They are not getting many good chances or making Brodeur work for it.
- Jackets to the PP again… buuuuut they’re just skating in circles again.
- And another PP as the period ends.

Third Period:
 - Parise to the box; Devils are an undisciplined bunch. Jackets going back to the PP. Maybe they can get a few decent shots this t… oh, who am I kidding?
-  Tie GAME! Jared … Boll … ?! Of course it’s under review, Toronto needs to decide if logic allows Jared Boll to score on Martin Brodeur or if the world may end. Good goal! Tie game.
- Almost immediately Carter rings one off the goal, had Brodeur beat. Pace picking up here? Let’s hope.
- Let’s take a penalty! No, let’s not, guys. C’mon, Methot. Clean it up, there’s a game to win here.
- Not sure what Sammy Pahlsson did to draw so much Devil ire. He is Sammy Pahlsson, you know.
- Jackets cough up a shorthanded chance but the PP got into place to break it up nicely.
- Little bit of a clusterfuck in front of Brodeur with ~7 to go. Nothing materializes.
- Jackets making Brodeur earn his paycheck in the third.
- The third line is BUZZING!
- Another day, another point. Jackets taking this one to OT.

- Forwards coasting on the first shift? Already?
- Moore getting an OT shift… had less than ten minutes TOI in regulation.
- Annnnd… to a shootout!
- Jackets will send Nash, Letestu, & Johansen.
- Kovalchuk: scores.
- Nash:  miss. Not a good shot.
- Parise: scores easily, tricked Sanford way out.
- Letestu: miss. Game over.
- Devils 2, Jackets 1, F/SO.

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