• Straight out of the horse’s (@BlueJacketsNHL) mouth: Starters- 20-50-61, 10-22 and Mason.
  • Game on!
  • Paetsch is the only scratch. I’m not sorry to see that.
  • 18:49 – look at Weighty getting another big shot on net.
  • Brodeur’s going to cover up every shot tonight, isn’t he? It’s going to be a 3 hour game, I can feel it.
  • Bill Davidge Miami Reference #1
  • Oh, Jamie Langenbrunner, my first hockey love, how it pains me to see you in that hideous Devils jersey.
  • 14:21 – BIG SAVE by Brodeur, nice chance there for the CBJ.
  • Mark my words, Vermette’s gonna get one. He looks hungry tonight.
  • Rick Nash, way to puckhog and go offsides.
  • Look at Murray stickhandling like the BAMF he is.
  • DAMN IT, Brodeur, damn you for being Martin Brodeur. Damn it.
  • Rick Nash is an initarator! Says Bill Davidge.
  • And Kovalchuk. I feel like the Devils are trying to horde all of my mid-teens hockey loves. What’s next, Klesla? Zetterberg? (Ouch. Shameful admission.)
  • NJ 1-0 (Parise, 6:59). PPG. Ugh.
  • Can we get him on our team?
  • Let’s go ahead and stop with the penalties, thanks.
  • I feel like our PK is a blink away from being a car crash.
  • End of the first, 1-0 NJ.
  • 2-0 NJ (Martin, 18:46). PPG.
  • ENOUGH with the penalties, boys.
  • NO MORE PENALTIES. NONE. ZERO. ENOUGH OF THIS. Brassard, I am looking at you.
  • Good almost SH breakaway…
  • Wow, McAmmond, what a douchebag, Blundy didn’t want your silly ass.
  • LINE BRAWL!!!!
  • Ohh, see-ya McAmmond.
  • C’mon, boys, let’s get one here! 0:54 of 5 on 3.
  • Or not. Huselius to the box. I HATE you.
  • Rimmer with a Miami-drop! :p
  • 3-1 NJ. Kovalchuk PPG.
  • Come on, Boller. Fight. Don’t get your ass whipped.
  • Okay. Or don’t do much of anything.
  • 4-1 NJ. No words for that. Even strength, at least.
  • …wow, okay. 5-1.
  • 5-2! Voracek, nice goal.
  • Boll left, won’t return.
  • 5-3 Jackets… goal to Huselius.
  • Slow here, ’cause I’m cooking…
  • 6-3 final. My  chili was much better than that game. :)

2 Thoughts on “Live Blog: CBJ @ NJ, 3/23/10

  1. you like murray as much if not more than hitchcock

  2. Dannielle on March 23, 2010 at 7:29 pm said:

    bite me, I hated Hitch >:P

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